Our Mission

The Stockton Harm Reduction Program strives to provide Stockton
and the surrounding areas with the tools necessary to reduce the spread of
HIV/HEP C, STIs, and any other transmissible diseases. SHRP aims to promote
health wellness, give non-judgmental access to health resources, and advocate
for social justice for folks who are often stigmatized by the status quo.
By following a Harm Reduction model, we hope to create a welcoming environment
not only for our participants but for our community of Stockton as well.

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Diversity and
inclusion statement

SHRP commits to represent folks from all walks of life, regardless of the social stigmas set in place that try to separate them from us. We recognize that we share a community with people from different race/s, ethnicities, genders, sexual identities, socioeconomic statuses, religions, abilities/disabilities, languages, and any other personal identities. Diversity and inclusion are important factors we take into consideration when we promote our mission.

Our Leadership Team

Harjot Virk (he/him)

Program Director

Alicia Agnoli (she/her)

Medical Director

Cody Walters (he/him)

Assistant Program Director

Amanda Jan (she/her)

Assistant Program Director

Our Team On & Behind
The Scenes

Jackie Morales (she/her)

Administrative Assistant

Natalie Pearlman (she/her)

Program Assistant

Andy Kelly (they/them)

Program Assistant

Maria Ochoa (she/her)

Program Assistant

Anna Wiese (she/her)

Program Assistant

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Together, we can create a world healing
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built on equity.

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